Tyre Puncher


Tyre Puncher

What is Tyre Puncher ?

Sudden or slow deflation of pressurized air due to damage caused by encountering a foreign object in the path of tyre movement.

Causes Of Improper Wheel Alignment

When encountered by a sharp Object.

Due to Failure or Damage to the Valve Stem.

When tyre is Rubbed or Ripped.

Due to Vandalism.

Separation of Tire and Rim by Collision with Another Object.

Over-Pumped Tires.

Due to Alloy Wheel Leaks.

When encountered by Potholes, uneven roads, and unexpected debris can wreak havoc on your car’s wheels, axles, and undercarriage.

Cautions Of Tyre Puncher

Steering may become difficult, this is usually due to the tyre slowly deflating because it has sustained a slow puncture.

The car may feel wobbly or shuddery when driving.

The car may pull to either the left or the right side depending on what side the puncture is on.

If the tyre has a nail or screw in it, you may hear a ticking noise as this makes contact with the road as the tyres rotate.

Why it is needed?

Ensures smooth contact with road surface.

Reduces damage to ledge.

Immediate rectification ensures less damage to tires.

Improves traction.

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